Advent Diary -14th December 2015


Rolling Seasons

Out with the old and in with the new doesn’t always seem to work. Sometimes the old and new clash with such ferocity that flints spark, crumble and fall; the spark ignites the new yet invigorates the old and it has to be that both have to exist in unity, interwoven eternally and one cannot exist without the other.

All creation is born from all, just as the roots reach down to caress old bones and old foundations, giving out to its decay by releasing nutrients into the soil and therefore sustaining new growth. In Britain, the old faith lives in the new, both as old as each other though the Divine Creator remains above all creation in all aspects. This unity must be something to build from, to lay down new foundations upon the old. The dying gives nutrients to new life and woven in and out through all threads is the bright Light that exists within us; for me this is the Christ Light, my Divine Spark. Logos is the thread, GOD is the Creator.


The old and the new and the old. The Goldfinch, St John the Baptist’s scroll and cross, the Green Man.

Malcolm’s spoken word can be found here.


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