Advent Diary – 15th December 2015


The Cloth of Midwinter

Malcolm uses Anne Ridler’s “Christmas and Common Birth” to reflect upon this day. Immediately, as an amateur weaver (I don’t weave often enough) his words re-sound in my heart. As a creator of new cloth, as a mother who gave new life, as a lover of Creation who takes joy in new shoots breaking through Winter hardened earth and who delights in every sparkle of birdsong, I ask myself ‘what is my cloth?”

As I write these words I am thinking upon what would my cloth be woven from? What memories, what significant awakenings would be represented? It is a powerful and profound evocation within me; would this become my life’s prayer shawl? Would I use a plain weave or a twill or would it be constructed of random pockets of texture, a little twill here, overshot there, the thoughts begin to literally interweave in my mind.

I know one thing, the re-sounding structure would be strong and reliable in its simplicity reflective of the life I try to keep, as a strong woman, as a gentle matriarch with a simple life. I would make sure the cloth is woven with love and to sustain an everlasting warmth and comfort to those who need it, like Christ gives me in my time of need.


I have useda photo of one of my shawls that I have woven. Rich in colour and warmth and I like to think that its warp and weft are intertwined with love and prayer.

Malcolm’s spoken word can be found here.


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