Advent Diary -16th December 2015


The Franciscan’s Cloak

It seems the day’s reflection is concerning all existing together in the simplicity of joy, hope and love; as Malcolm puts it, in justice, peace and grace. This should not be exclusive to the human race but to all creation, to all creatures, to protect and preserve habitats and take only what is absolutely necessary.

It seems that the Advent hope is to have peace and goodwill to all, to show a little kindness, to offer a smile to a passing stranger to moving a snail from the footpath to the grassy edges for safety. The cost is nothing and yet this can be the hardest thing to do. If we all undertook one action of protest against destruction then we would accomplish much; help to preserve a habitat, help a child, save an animal. It is too easy to turn the page, turn our heads away and look in the opposite direction than to help. I am sure fear prevents most of us.

We have to remember that under every cloak could be Christ watching and waiting for our action. If we took a monk’s mantle for just one moment we could all share in His warmth and compassion and extend that to others.

DSC_0013 Deciding on an image ….

Malcolm’s spoken word can be found here.


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