Advent Diary – 17th December 2015


O Wisdom

And so, the great O Antiphons start. Wisdom is a feminine aspect within Scripture, described as ‘She’. Much was left out in consequent copyists’ works and mis-translations. Is it that our divine Creator – GOD – installs Wisdom, the Mother, as the nurturer of Creation? Malcolm’s ‘O Sapientia’ is one that I enjoy very much and enjoy it all the more by listening to it; the notion to call upon Christ without mentioning Him directly gives more joy to finally, at the end of the Antiphons, hear His name. It is the most sacred awakening.

The insights Malcolm gives in searching for a name, to give the Sacred a familiar term but the wondering on what His name could be by going through the gifts we have, is my joy in Advent. It is like the waiting mother wondering on what colour eyes her longed for baby has, the colour of hair, a boy or a girl and will the chosen name be right and fitting.

The anticipation of this magical time full of wonder and being overawed in the miracle just fills me with gratitude and an everlasting love in being granted the privilege of becoming a mother is something I cannot explain but Malcolm touches on this divine moment through his gift of word and spoken sonnet. Come.


My image is based upon an earlier painting that I had completed as a sketch whilst on a day’s retreat at the Sisters of Bethany in Portsmouth. It’s origins are distinct and perfectly portray its original meaning however here it is one that, to me, conveys the wonder of birth and creation. Overlaid with the first great O.

Malcolm’s spoken sonnet can be found here.




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