Advent Diary – 18th December 2015



How can I possibly manifest today’s reading into a drawing? All the sacred word hoard expressed in ‘O Adonai’. The touch of GOD, His presence in our life span, a Light so pure, so bright and so radiant that I cannot look or dare to engage in the sacred gaze.

But, we can engage with Him, our Almighty Creator and Father by gazing upon His signs in our life; the whisp of a feather suddenly at our feet, the glimpse of light from the depth of our gloom and depression – it is there – a sudden sparkle of birdsong in my ear, the detail of the shiniest, bright red ladybird in  stark contrast to the green leaf and a sudden fresh breeze on my face coming from nowhere but Him, the sort of breeze that momentarily and briskly blows away the cobwebs that cling in my mind.

It is such things, such signs, as these that make me say, “O!” and then “Adonai” when I realise that His presence is all around me. This brings a tear to the eye and a momentary lump in the throat. GOD is with us.


Today’s image is based upon a photograph I took whilst on retreat at Alton Abbey in Hampshire. This was taken in a side chapel, a simple adornment of stone and a cloth but the light coming through the narrow window was perfect and brought “O Adonai” to my mind and me to His presence. The second O.

Malcolm’s spoken sonnet can be found here.


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