Advent Diary – 19th December 2015



I thought of a seedling with its single shoot and its complex and purposeful roots; I thought of the gift of hazelnuts from my little Hazel Tree and then my grape vine. And, at the turn of the page of Malcolm’s sonnet (‘O Radix’), I find the mention of the vine in John 15:5.

Malcolm’s own Antiphons to me, so far, sing of creation, of GOD at the heart, Christ as the Light, Mary as the Bearer – all linked in that root. A golden thread, the umbilical cord of the Divine grafted in all of us, the Light within. And then, in the last paragraphs, Malcolm reflects on Larkin’s “Afternoons” and the insightful genius that he has to see the meaning like a glint of light on a blade edge – one that disappears as quickly as it appears.

Here, in this turning of the blade from that glint of light to shadow. Malcolm reflects on the dangers of our disconnectedness of our spirit, our soul, from its root. If a plant above the soil disconnects from its root it withers. This is what is happening to us, we are withering away, being diverted from our source, we must turn like the blade-edge and catch that glint of Light but this time, have the courage and determination to stay within His gaze.


My drawing, based within the third great O, is of a seedling with its roots underground. On one side, the plant is healthy and flourishing because its roots are entwined with the Creator’s spark. On the other side, the roots are disconnected and are withering away.

Malcolm’s spoken sonnet can be found here.


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